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Want to enjoy a little additional reading on audio restoration, audio enhancement, and lots of other audio type stuff?  We've assembled a bunch of things you might enjoy.  If you like this type of thing, you may want to consider subscribing to our newsletter.  It is published about once a month and is loaded with good information, monthly specials and other interesting tidbits.  To subscribe, just drop us a note at 

DC SIX Getting Started Guide

This cool training page helps your first navigation of FIVE go smoothly.

DC LIVE 6 Getting Started GuideDon't navigate the demo without this useful first timer's guide.
Diamond Cut 32 User's Manual

Read about this popular product in full detail

Diamond Cut 32 Bootcamp Getting Started Guide 

This should be the first thing you check out before you try Diamond Cut 32!
DC Millennium Getting Started Guide Quick and Easy for First Time Millennium Users!

DC Millennium User's Manual

Read about this popular product in full detail.

Diamond Cut LIVE Testimonial

Steve Cain is one of the major players in Audio Restoration for both the US Government and private sector as well.  His list of credits is impressive and he is a dedicated Diamond Cut LIVE user.  Read about his thoughts on the software.

"Cleaning The Surface Of A Record"  

So you're ready to restore your old may want to check here first to get a few helpful hints on some vinyl housekeeping before you record.

"Choosing The Best Stylus"

Now that you're dusting off that old Record Player...are you sure you've got the right Stylus to match your vinyl?
"Which Filter Should I Use?" Where do you start?  You've chosen the Diamond Cut software, but which tools work best on differing types of noise?  This handy chart may point you in the right direction.

"Ten Myths or Questions About PC Audio"

If you have questions about sound cards, multi-tracking, MP3 and other PC audio questions, climb the mount and ask the audio experts.

"What do I need to restore my old records and tapes?"

If you're just starting out and you need some help...perhaps this advice will save you some time, aggravation, and frustration.

Application Note 1

Using DC 5 or DC LIVE 5 Forensics as an Audio Signal Generator
Application Note 2 Using DC5 or Live5 Forensics to Measure Sound Card Performance without External Test Equipment
Application Note 3 Using DC FIVE or DC LIVE/Forensics To Create 3 Audio Test CDís
Application Note 4 Digital Audio Recording Analysis- The Electric Network Frequency Criterion
Application Note 5Worldwide Line Frequencies
Popular Products



This new flagship product offers features that any restoration enthusiast would love with no fat.  We don't try to be all things to all people, but if you want the world's best audio restoration...stop lookin.

DC 8 Software Training DVD


Our resident software guru comes into your home via our DVD and walks you through tips and tricks for maximizing the quality and speed of your restoration results.  You'll be amazed at what you can learn in 2 hours.

Better Audio Restorations Training DVD

This detailed introduction to the Zen of Audio Restoration features a beginner's guide to restoration software.  Make the most of your restoration software


DC LIVE/Forensics

There is simply no better Audio Forensics product on the market.  You can pay thousands more, but if you're clarifying noisy recordings or even running live audio surveillance, DC LIVE/Forensics is the best in the business.  $1499

Advanced Forensics Concepts Using DC LIVE/Forensics DVD

The in depth walkthrough covers all of the great new features of DC/LIVE/Forensics 7.5.  $59

Audio Mentor

New Price $29!

This intelligent wizard helps any user instantly achieve spectacular results.  Mentor takes you by the hand and gets you from the Record or Tape to CD in several painless steps. Only $59

Learning The CNF DVD

Go "under the hood" of the continuous noise filter.  This in depth training course will help any level user achieve better results with this powerful filter.

Diamond Cut Millennium

Powerful Audio Restoration and enhancement product.  Only $59



Computer Transfer Preamps

New thinking for your vinyl restoration.  These preamps give you the most accurate reproduction off of your record that is a price you won't believe

Automatic Forensics Adaptive Filter VST Plug-In

Now you can get one of DC LIVE/Forensics most powerful automatic adaptive filters and plug it into the software of your choice.  This cool new VST plug automatically removes noise so that you can find a voice buried beneath the muck.  Only $399

Virtual Valve Tube Simulation VST Plug-In

Add real tube sound to any music file an instantly add the warmth and depth that only real tubes can provide.  This new VST Plug In is useful in so many ways that you'll instantly find it your favorite plug-in.  Only $99

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