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Getting ready to undertake a major restoration of your classic vinyl recordings?  Still depending on that turntable that you should have replaced in 1975?  Have no fear.  Turntables are still made today...not only your Dad's turntable, but cool new amazing turntables that will offer you features you've never heard of before at very reasonable prices! 

Turntables and Turntable Supplies
Rek-O-Kut Rodine Jr. Esoteric Vintage II

Stanton ST-150

ION USB Turntable

The Esoteric ReK-O-Kut Rondine Jr is a belt-driven turntable intended for budget-minded collectors of vintage records and Lp's. The Rondine Jr has not just 33, 45, and 78 rpm (78.26), and a variable pitch control, but three other fixed speeds for older collectable discs. Once you begin conveniently playing "78's" at their correct pitch, you will never be able to tolerate previous "78" turntables. This is not only a great buy, but a wonderful piece of gear.


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The VINTAGE II has AUTO-RETURN at end of play and its compact design occupies a small space. For those with a need to play vertically cut discs, a built-in switch is available as an extra-cost option. Supplied with a dust cover and strobe disc, this turntable doesn't normally include a phono cartridge or styli but with this Special Tracer Bundle, you get an Audiotechnica cartridge with LP and 78 Stylus included . Recommended for both LP and vintage recordings.


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In creating the ST.150/STR8.150, Stanton went back to basics and re-engineered everything. These "no nonsense" turntables have everything professional DJs need, and nothing they don't. That's why the ST.150 (standard S shaped tone arm) and STR8.150 (skip-proof straight tone arm) are built first, and foremost with quality in mind. Both models offer durable construction designed to minimize feedback, industry-leading torque motor - up to 4.5 Kgf-cm, and an ultra-stable platter and tone arm. And with features like Key Correction, Reverse, up to 50% pitch adjustment, and S/PDIF digital outputs - the ST.150 and STR8.50 are strong contenders for the title of Turntable Supreme.


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Play your records and make your music mobile, anywhere, with iPTUSB. This innovative, portable USB turntable has a convenient USB computer jack enabling you to connect your Mac or PC and transfer your music. You can also connect other music sources and turn them into MP3s.

Once on your computer, you can listen, make custom playlists, record it to CD, and transfer it to your iPod or MP3 player. The music from your records can be with you wherever you go!



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Stanton 500 V3 Cartridge

REK-0-KUT Archival Stylus Kit Stanton D-5127 78 Stylus HIFI NEWS Test LP

The 500.V3 is an updated version of the classic Stanton 500AL. With more years spent on the decks than any other cartridge in the world, the 500 series has earned a reputation as a standard. The 500.V3 represents a perfect balance between economy, reliability, ruggedness and optimum performance.


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Using styli of various sizes to overcome noise in records caused by wear and abuse is a common technique. There is no optimum size stylus. Often a larger size works best, sometimes a smaller size works best. The one that produces the best sound is the correct stylus to use. Older records often require larger tips for standard play.  Up until now, such styli have cost up to 150.00 dollars each. To prevent damage, it is often desirable to mount such delicate styli in their own cartridges. If you had 5 custom styli made for you and purchased five Grado cartridges the cost would be approximately 1,500.00 dollars!


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This high quality stylus is designed specifically for your 78 collection.


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This is the successor to the original Hi-Fi News Test LP. The original tracks have been re-cut with a frequency sweep track added and the Pink Noise tracks extended. The new 17-track version is an even finer pressing than the original. Here's the information on the first version: This British audio publication pressed this straightforward LP of analog setup tests and signals with the average audiophile in mind. Tests include channel balance, phasing, bias setting, pink noise, tracking ability, cartridge/arm lateral resonance test and cartridge alignment. Includes cartridge alignment tool. The package includes detailed notes, a set-up 'Bible' courtesy of John Crabbe, locked grooves between tests, pristine virgin vinyl pressings and - best of all - audible and visible cues rather than a need for test gear.


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Popular Products

Personal Forensics Investigation

$99 Evaluation

Maybe you have a cell phone recording, maybe it was a digital hear muffled voices in the background. What are they saying? Not knowing has been eating at you and you need answers. You've seen advanced forensics tools on television, but you know nothing about audio and even less about clarifying a spoken voice on a recording.



This new flagship product offers features that any restoration enthusiast would love with no fat.  We don't try to be all things to all people, but if you want the world's best audio restoration...stop lookin.

DC 8 Software Training DVD


Our resident software guru comes into your home via our DVD and walks you through tips and tricks for maximizing the quality and speed of your restoration results.  You'll be amazed at what you can learn in 2 hours.

Better Audio Restorations Training DVD

This detailed introduction to the Zen of Audio Restoration features a beginner's guide to restoration software.  Make the most of your restoration software


DC LIVE/Forensics

There is simply no better Audio Forensics product on the market.  You can pay thousands more, but if you're clarifying noisy recordings or even running live audio surveillance, DC LIVE/Forensics is the best in the business.  $1499

Advanced Forensics Concepts Using DC LIVE/Forensics DVD

The in depth walkthrough covers all of the great new features of DC/LIVE/Forensics 7.5.  $59

Audio Mentor

New Price $29!

This intelligent wizard helps any user instantly achieve spectacular results.  Mentor takes you by the hand and gets you from the Record or Tape to CD in several painless steps. 

Learning The CNF DVD

Go "under the hood" of the continuous noise filter.  This in depth training course will help any level user achieve better results with this powerful filter.



Computer Transfer Preamps

New thinking for your vinyl restoration.  These preamps give you the most accurate reproduction off of your record that is a price you won't believe


Automatic Forensics Adaptive Filter VST Plug-In

Now you can get one of DC LIVE/Forensics most powerful automatic adaptive filters and plug it into the software of your choice.  This cool new VST plug automatically removes noise so that you can find a voice buried beneath the muck.  Only $399

Virtual Valve Tube Simulation VST Plug-In

Add real tube sound to any music file an instantly add the warmth and depth that only real tubes can provide.  This new VST Plug In is useful in so many ways that you'll instantly find it your favorite plug-in.  Only $99

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