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I Want To Learn, But Not To Sleep

Let's face it...learning about technology can be some pretty heavy stuff.  Some people look at a new technology and just get it.  Others want to get it, but it just doesn't come naturally.  No big deal.  At Tracer, we're pretty good at getting it and even better at explaining it.  We offer a nice selection of DVD products that explain certain things you want to know, but do it in a light-hearted, interesting manner without a bunch of techno-babble to gunk up the works.  

We'll teach you how to do stuff and your brain won't hurt afterward.  

Here is our list of DVD Educational products:  

Learning About Audio and Noise Reduction

Tips And Tricks With DC EIGHT- Our latest video continues to expand your knowledge base in the world of restoration.  This excellent tutorial covers interesting tips and tricks to make your restoration faster, better and easier.  Only $39.  Click Here

Audio: The Movie:  This 2 hour DVD explores audio in great detail, but explains the science behind audio without a bunch of mathematics and complex theories.  You will have a better understanding of the terms used, understand MP3 and CDs and why things are the way they are.  It's a great educational experience for 39 bucks!  Want to learn more about it?  Click Here

Audio: The Movie 2: World Of Noise:  A great 2 hour journey that explains various noise, how it is created, how it originated and most importantly, how to eliminate it.  Only $39  Click Here

Understanding A Continuous Noise Filter-  No one filter is used harder in all of our noise reduction products than the CNF.  This tutorial helps you understand how it works and how to get the best results using it.  It's only $19.99 and well worth that price.  Want to learn more about this DVD?  Click Here

Everyone's Guide To Better Audio Restoration-  Wanna have better sounding, more satisfying restoration projects?  This is perfect for the beginner or the advanced user to help you grasp the breadth of the tools available to you.  Only $39. Want to learn more?  Click Here

8-Track Tape Repair Guide- We've had numerous customers mention a certain fondness for 8-track tapes over the years. As strange a format as 8-tracks were, they certainly had a loyal following and a pretty good foothold on the entertainment industry for the late 60s and early 70s. Only $19.95   Click Here

Cassette Tape Repair Guide- There was no more popular mobile audio formats in the 1980s than the Audio Cassette. These popular tapes inhabited every car stereo, home stereo and Walkman on the planet. We've had numerous customers mention a certain fondness for cassette tapes over the years.  Only $19.95  Click Here

Learning Other Technologies...
At Tracer, our focus has mostly been in the Audio world, but we know some other stuff too.  These affordable DVDs skip the fat and get right to the meet.  

Getting Comfortable With Your PC-  Most PC training courses spend hours on minute details that most of us will never care about.  Our 1 hour DVD gives you a ton of useful tips and tricks that will help you instantly become more productive with your computer and faster with your work.  This isn't some propellerhead's useful stuff for any person who uses a PC for work or play.  Only $19.95.  Want to learn more?  Click Here


Toll Free 866 260 6376

Popular Products



This new flagship product offers features that any restoration enthusiast would love with no fat.  We don't try to be all things to all people, but if you want the world's best audio restoration...stop lookin.

DC 8 Software Training DVD


Our resident software guru comes into your home via our DVD and walks you through tips and tricks for maximizing the quality and speed of your restoration results.  You'll be amazed at what you can learn in 2 hours.

Better Audio Restorations Training DVD

This detailed introduction to the Zen of Audio Restoration features a beginner's guide to restoration software.  Make the most of your restoration software


DC LIVE/Forensics

There is simply no better Audio Forensics product on the market.  You can pay thousands more, but if you're clarifying noisy recordings or even running live audio surveillance, DC LIVE/Forensics is the best in the business.  $1499

Advanced Forensics Concepts Using DC LIVE/Forensics DVD

The in depth walkthrough covers all of the great new features of DC/LIVE/Forensics 7.5.  $59

Audio Mentor

New Price $29!

This intelligent wizard helps any user instantly achieve spectacular results.  Mentor takes you by the hand and gets you from the Record or Tape to CD in several painless steps.  

Learning The CNF DVD

Go "under the hood" of the continuous noise filter.  This in depth training course will help any level user achieve better results with this powerful filter.

Diamond Cut Millennium

Powerful Audio Restoration and enhancement product.  Only $59



Computer Transfer Preamps

New thinking for your vinyl restoration.  These preamps give you the most accurate reproduction off of your record that is a price you won't believe

Automatic Forensics Adaptive Filter VST Plug-In

Now you can get one of DC LIVE/Forensics most powerful automatic adaptive filters and plug it into the software of your choice.  This cool new VST plug automatically removes noise so that you can find a voice buried beneath the muck.  Only $399

Virtual Valve Tube Simulation VST Plug-In

Add real tube sound to any music file an instantly add the warmth and depth that only real tubes can provide.  This new VST Plug In is useful in so many ways that you'll instantly find it your favorite plug-in.  Only $99

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