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Audio Sweetening

When we say "Audio Sweetening" or "Audio Enhancement", we simply mean making your audio sound better.  We split the tools in our software products into basic categories, with Audio Enhancement and Noise Reduction being two of them.  The Audio Enhancement tools share equal billing with Noise Reduction because in many cases, once the noise is removed, the result sounds a little hollow...with Audio Enhancement, new life is breathed into your audio files.  Unlike Audio Archival, the goal here is to make the material sound as good as it possibly can.  We're not so worried about the "true" sound from a historical perspective...rather, what makes our ears happy.  With Audio Enhancement, not only are we removing noise, but we're applying a series of filters to boost low and high end; we're using tube simulators to stimulate stale sounding phrases.  We could also add echo or reverb or compression and expansion to help make something audibly better.  The sky is the limit and, because each set of ears is different, no two people will make the same file alike.

Audio Sweetening Specific Tools

General Record Restoration Techniques

Tape Restoration Techniques

Choosing Your Software Tools

Screen Shot Of The Tools

An Educated Taste Test

Hear It For Yourself

Anything Else I Need To Know?

Audio Sweetening Specific Tools

Now that the noise is gone, the real enhancement can begin.  DC SIX and DC Millennium offer tools designed specifically to make your audio sound better.  They include:

SubHarmonic Synthesis This cool new intelligent synthesizer creates sub harmonic frequencies that have been lost over time.  Helps build lush new low end using a cool new algorithm.  
Overtone Synthesis We take care of the high end as well with this intelligent synthesizer which recreates high frequencies that have been lost over time.  Helps build virbrant new high end.  
20 Band Graphic Equalizer The 20 Band Graphic Equalizer is an IIR based extension of the 10 Band Graphic Equalizer.  It exhibits twice the selectivity compared to the 10-band equalizer, since each band is calibrated with half its bandwidth.  It is quite useful where greater selectivity is required in order to “tweak” your audio signal frequency distribution, but it is a little more difficult to use compared to the general purpose 10-band equalizer.  Its amplification and attenuation range is +/- 12 dB as indicated by the numerical readouts located below each slider control.  It has the following frequency band center frequency values:

22Hz, 31Hz, 42Hz, 63Hz, 88Hz, 125Hz, 177 Hz, 250Hz, 350Hz, 500Hz, 710Hz, 1 KHz, 1.4KHz, 2KHz, 2.8KHz, 4KHz, 5.6KHz, 8 KHz, 11KHz, 16KHz

Paragraphic Equalizer This unique equalizer combines the flexibility of a parametric equalizer with the ease of use associated with a 10 band graphic.  The actual frequency response of the filter is graphically controlled and/or displayed.  Virtually any frequency domain transfer function that you can dream of can be created with this filter.  Many presets are provided to facilitate many unusual equalization situations.

It differs from the graphic equalizer in that three parameters are adjustable for each band: 

Frequency: (Hertz  - 10 to 20 KHz_

Amplitude: (attenuation or gain - +/- 20 dB)

Octaves: (Q or bandwidth - 0.05 to 3.0) 


The Reverb effect is used to add a realistic room sound to a recording. The reverb is capable of simulating different size rooms, with different kinds of reflective surfaces and decay times. The reverb filter lets you control the overall room size, decay time, early reflection level, and mix between the original material and reverb sound. Reverb can be useful when dealing with recordings, which are completely “dead” as originally mastered.  As with the various other filters, the reverb effect can be applied globally or selectively (using sync mode) to a Wave file.  The reverb effect can also be used to convert a monophonic recording to a simulated stereophonic recording.  

Echo The Echo Effect is a digital simulation of the old magnetic tape delay lines (sometimes called “Tape Delay Echo Chambers”) that were popular in the early 1950’s and throughout the 1960’s.  These devices worked on either of the following basic principles.  One method varied the distance between the recording and the playback head producing a variable time delay, a portion of which could be fed back to the system’s input.  A second method used a variable speed motor driving the tape media with the recording and playback head positions being fixed, producing similar overall results.  The Echo Effect contains two independent delay lines, which can be used in a number of different modes providing it with a great deal of flexibility compared to the old analog systems.  Because it performs its function utilizing digital techniques, it does not suffer from the noise and distortion buildup associated with the older analog systems.  However, if the so-called “retro” sounding echo chamber  is desired, you can use the Echo Effect in conjunction with the Virtual Valve amplifier in the Multifilter.
Virtual Valve Amplifier The Virtual-Valve Amplifier is a computer simulation of a number of vacuum tube amplifier circuits.  Its effect is to add "tube-warmth" to the sound of a recording.  This is sometimes desirable to apply to purely digital recordings.  It can also be used to add subtle harmonics to very old recordings.  A harmonic exciter is also included with the Virtual Valve Amplifier.  It is important to note that the Virtual Valve amplifier is using real tube circuits, and real tube non-linear device characteristics to produce its effect.  The wide range of adjustability of this algorithm will allow you to create an amplifier that runs the gamut in sonic performance from "grit-guitar" to "high-end audiophile."

The Virtual Valve Amplifier (VVA) produces a variety of sounds associated with valve (electron tube) based amplifiers.  The effects run the range from a subtle “tube warmth” sound to extreme effects like “guitar amplifier overload” or “fuzz box.”  The SIX VVA accomplishes these effects through the use of actual electron tube circuits, which are simulated by your computer.  The electronic models of the various tube amplifier circuits have been derived from the “large-signal” transfer functions of the various tubes and output transformers you can choose from. This data has been derived from extensive bench measurements of tube amplifier circuits under varying operating conditions.  As such, the effects will sound literally as would be heard if you were to process a signal through a physical electron tube amplifier.  

Dynamics Processor The dynamics processor provides you with the ability to control the dynamic signal content of the audio envelope of a Wave file.  Included are downward expansion/noise gating, ALC, and de-essing.   
Punch and Crunch Punch & Crunch is a multi-channel dynamic compressor or expander.  It allows you to modify the dynamics of a piece of audio in a very natural sounding manner.  In some cases, you may want to restore lost transient response by applying the expander mode, but in some other cases you may want to compress the signal in order to produce more “broadcast presence.”

Punch and Crunch is a four band dynamic expander (Punch) and compressor  (Crunch) and automatic level control (ALC).  It is useful for a number of applications such as the following:

Adding dynamic range or “Punch” back into severely compressed radio broadcast or vinyl recordings.

Adding “dial presence” or “Crunch” (compression) to radio broadcasts, without suffering the “pumping” effect found in conventional wide-band dynamic compressors.

Decreasing the dynamic range of classical music so that it can be more “listen-able” in restaurant or automotive environments by applying the compressor function.

Improving the signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range of old 78-RPM recordings by using Expander mode.

Improving the intelligibility of forensics recordings.

Special Effects creation.

Hundreds Of Factory Presets All of our software products contain a ton of presets...these may not be exactly perfect for your application, but they're provided to "get you in the ballpark".  

General Record Restoration Techniques 

Normally the first step in an Audio Enhancement process is to remove noise.  In the world of old records, there are basic steps that one should take to secure the best recording and establish a good working system.  Tape Enhancement has several different categories that we'll outline below.  

The process of restoring your records can be just about as complicated as you'd like it to be.  There are numerous steps suggested by the true audiophiles...most of us choose the ones we find most important and throw the rest out with the bathwater.  We'll list all of these here as mini-topics...feel free to launch as many as you care about.  We'll first concern ourselves with removing the noise, cleaning the record and getting our system dialed in.  This is fairly similar in all cases.  

Back It Up!
Cleaning Your Records
Your Phono Preamp
Adjust The Speed Of Your Turntable
EQ Curve
Is this the Right Stylus?
How's It Tracking?
Tips To Reduce Skipping
Adjusting The Gain To Your Sound Card
File Conversions Anyone?

Tape Restoration Techniques

Like record restoration, there are countless articles and opinions on how to best preserve and archive your precious and slowly dying audio tape collection.  The following hints are mostly agreed upon and safe to try.  

What Do I Have?
To Bake Or Not To Bake
Do What With My Tail?
Tape Warpage...How to Fix It.
Clean Heads...Healthy Minds
Back It Up!

Choosing The Tools

Audio Mentor $29

DC Millennium $59



Handy Wizard Interface Makes The Whole Process Of Going From Vinyl or Tape to CD Easy.

Realtime changing of filters...listen to the noise disappear while the file plays!

Make Your Own CDs

Includes MP3, WMA Support

Realtime Restoration and Enhancement

Free Technical Support

More Info?


Remove Clicks, pops, hiss, surface noise

Realtime changing of filters...listen to the noise disappear while the file plays!

Run Multiple Filters Simultaneously

Record in 8, 16 or 24 bit

Perfect For the Serious Hobbyist

Batch File Processing (work on multiple songs simultaneously)

Full Enhancement capabilities- Make any audio file sound better

4-band Dynamic Compressor and Expander

Free Technical Support

More Info?

Our Newest Edition!

Everything In SIX, SEVEN, Millennium and Mentor PLUS:

Big Click Filter

Direct Spectral Editing

Improved Tune Library

Subharmonic Synthesizer

Overtone Synthesis

FLAC, Vorbis and Broadcast Wave support 

New CD and DVD Drive support

Main screen waveform scrubbing support added

Free Technical Support

More Info?

Screen Shot

One of the more popular sweetening tools in our products is the Virtual Valve Tube simulator.  This mathematically simulates 10 different popular vacuum tubes and creates a wonderful warming effect on sterile digital recordings or dull, lifeless classic recordings.  You'll be amazed at the level of control you have over each tube as you apply it to your favorite recordings.



An Educated Taste Test

How much of a difference can the Enhanced Audio products make in your audio life?  Why don't you try them for yourself?  We have demos and Getting started tutorial guides for both products listed below.  Download both the demo and the Getting Started Tutorial guide...the tutorials don't take a great deal of time, but they give you a fantastic idea just how powerful our products are.  

DC EIGHT (NEW)10 day free trial of our latest and greatest.  You won't need 10 days to decide that this is simply the most powerful audio editing audio restoration and audio enhancement product you've ever seen.  Only $ 159
Audio MentorThis cool new wizard takes you by the hand and leads you through the complete restoration process...from hooking up your turntable or tape deck, to spitting out a completely enhanced CD, MP3 or WMA file.  Only $29

DC Millennium Try and Buy

$59 never bought so much power.  See for yourself...with the new DC Millennium Try and Buy demo, you get 10 days to put this powerful product through its paces before a credit card is needed to unlock it.  This is a fully working demo so you'll get a pretty good idea just how helpful a product like this will be in your audio restoration/enhancement projects.  When you decide that you're ready to buy, just simply go to Help/Register...punch in your credit card and you receive an unlock code in minutes.  That means that you can purchase DC Millennium 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  We've also included a very cool Getting Started Guide so your 10 days won't be spent'll be getting results 30 minutes after you start.  Just go to the Diamond Cut directory and look for the PDF.

DC Millennium Getting Started Guide You'll need this to guide you through your first sessions with Millennium!  It's a PDF that makes things easy.

This demo will allow you to sample the world's best audio restoration/enhancement and editing product.  It will only record 1 minute of material and save has been disabled, but if you want a taste test of'll get it here.

DC SIX Getting Started Guide Easily navigate this product with a quick step by step tutorial that's completely "hands-on" and easy to read.  If you don't want the PDF to load into your explorer window, just right click on the link to the left and select Save Target As...

We've provided Record Restoration Quick Start guides for both DC SIX and DC Millennium.  The Getting Started Guides are in PDF form and only depend on you using the demo versions of both products.  These tutorials do not take a great deal of time, but they are jam-packed with info and perfect for quickly learning both products.  By now, you've probably decided on either a $59 or $199 investment...depending on the feature set you liked the best.  Just download either of the Getting Started Guides along with the demos and you'll be ready to start real 45 Record Restoration. These are PDF files and best viewed with Adobe Acrobat.  This is a free software product that you can download at

Example Files

This is a typical old recording of a 78 RPM record.  We used a variety of filters to remove the clicks, pops, hiss and other disturbances.  With 78 Record Restoration, the goals are similar to any other record make your file sound authentic, yet noise free and clean.

78 RPM With Noise                 Cleaned 78 RPM
Note:  On some machines, you may notice a hesitation at the beginning of your MP3 files when you click on them.  If you just let it play and then listen to it again, the hesitation will go away.  If you're using a's probably best to download this files and listen once you've downloaded.  

Will I Need Anything Else?

Each and every system is different.  You've also got to know what it will take to make your ears happy.  For example...Sound Blasters are very popular sound cards...unfortunately, popularity doesn't make them good...just popular.  There are potentially many products that could help you...depending on the scale of the restoration project you want to undertake.  We've created a page that outlines many of these product categories, plus the individual products that we recommend.  Just click here to go there.


Popular Products

Personal Forensics Investigation

$99 Evaluation

Maybe you have a cell phone recording, maybe it was a digital hear muffled voices in the background. What are they saying? Not knowing has been eating at you and you need answers. You've seen advanced forensics tools on television, but you know nothing about audio and even less about clarifying a spoken voice on a recording.



This new flagship product offers features that any restoration enthusiast would love with no fat.  We don't try to be all things to all people, but if you want the world's best audio restoration...stop lookin.

DC 8 Software Training DVD


Our resident software guru comes into your home via our DVD and walks you through tips and tricks for maximizing the quality and speed of your restoration results.  You'll be amazed at what you can learn in 2 hours.

Better Audio Restorations Training DVD

This detailed introduction to the Zen of Audio Restoration features a beginner's guide to restoration software.  Make the most of your restoration software


DC LIVE/Forensics

There is simply no better Audio Forensics product on the market.  You can pay thousands more, but if you're clarifying noisy recordings or even running live audio surveillance, DC LIVE/Forensics is the best in the business.  $1499

Advanced Forensics Concepts Using DC LIVE/Forensics DVD

The in depth walkthrough covers all of the great new features of DC/LIVE/Forensics 7.5.  $59

Audio Mentor

New Price $29!

This intelligent wizard helps any user instantly achieve spectacular results.  Mentor takes you by the hand and gets you from the Record or Tape to CD in several painless steps. 

Learning The CNF DVD

Go "under the hood" of the continuous noise filter.  This in depth training course will help any level user achieve better results with this powerful filter.



Computer Transfer Preamps

New thinking for your vinyl restoration.  These preamps give you the most accurate reproduction off of your record that is a price you won't believe


Automatic Forensics Adaptive Filter VST Plug-In

Now you can get one of DC LIVE/Forensics most powerful automatic adaptive filters and plug it into the software of your choice.  This cool new VST plug automatically removes noise so that you can find a voice buried beneath the muck.  Only $399

Virtual Valve Tube Simulation VST Plug-In

Add real tube sound to any music file an instantly add the warmth and depth that only real tubes can provide.  This new VST Plug In is useful in so many ways that you'll instantly find it your favorite plug-in.  Only $99

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