Do What With My Tail?



Storage of your tapes can insure better playback in the years following initial use.  Most tape enthusiasts recommend storing the tape "Tail Out" which simply means storage with the end of the tape facing forward.  Why?  Because you'll get a better, more even, tighter wind from playing the tape at a slower speed than you will with the faster Rewind function.  Also, some times, a fast rewind will cause some signals to pass from one layer of tape to the other, which induces a mechanically induced echo.   Many recommend that you then play the tape backwards and then forwards to keep a nice tight and even pack on your tape.  It is normally not recommended to use fast rewind and forward if your goal is to keep things tight and even.  You may want to remove play head when "play-rewinding" a tape so that you're avoiding any build up on your heads.  

After you've made your recording, it is best to store your tape in a sealed environment with Silica Gel packs and of course...with your tail out!